A Winning Approach to Gambling

When most people think of gamblers, they inevitably think of losers in casino Deutschland. However, it’s just as easy to win as to lose, especially in casino gambling, because the casino games recommended for play in this site either give the house a very small percentage as their edge, or in the case of blackjack, the player has the advantage over the casino.

But in order to win players must do the following: They must make only those bets which give the house the lowest possible edge; they must manage their money wisely; they must exercise self-control, and they must play to win, not for the thrill of action. If you follow these sound principles, you can’t help but be a winner. And yet the overwhelming majority of gamblers are losers.

Either they are unaware of the principles outlined here or they disregard them. The proof is that casino profits are astronomical, and the casino win-expectation at the basic table games, craps and blackjack, is 20 percent of the drop (money bet at the table).

Recently, I spoke to one of the pit bosses at an Atlantic City casino, and he was complaining that the players were getting too smart at blackjack to give the casino its 20 percent p.c.(winning percentage).

The p.c., he informed me, was closer to 17 percent now. He thought that this lower figure resulted from blackjack players having a better grasp of the principles of the game, and the fact that many of them were counting cards, even though the house was taking strong countermeasures to bar card counters.

I didn’t leave the man weeping openly about the smaller profits, but he was somewhat concerned. And yet I was dismayed by the figure of 17 percent. In fact, every time casino executives quote that 20 percent profit figure to me, I’m shocked.

With best play at a game like blackjack, with a proper betting strategy and a simple method of counting cards, the player has the advantage in the game, not the house.

In craps, with only line and come bets made and odds taken, the house has at best a 0.8 percent edge over the player. Even if a gambler were to play more aggressively and cover the 6 and 8 as place bets, the house edge would never go beyond 1.52 percent.

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