A Slot Machine Player’s Checklist

The best part of playing a slot is the dizzy anticipation of possibly winning it all. It’s the lottery every ten seconds. The whole experience can be so intoxicating that some people forget practical considerations. For example, countless would-be slot players accidentally put quarters in dollar machines in their frenzy to begin playing. Mistakes like that are usually benign, but some are a nuisance, and some can be costly.

The following checklist is designed to help make the important things automatic so you can focus on the pleasures of playing.

Determine your bankroll, price for fun, and betting strategy before going into the casino.
Remember to take your slot club card and a picture LD. with you when leaving home or the hotel room.
Choose a machine that fits your strategy. Know if you’re playing a progressive
Insert your slot club card into the machine and be sure the machine acknowledges the card.
Decide before playing how you will handle winnings paid by the machine. Stick to the system you choose.
Cash out when you’re finished. You would be surprised how many people forget.
Remember to remove your slot club card when leaving the machine.
Handling jackpots

Jackpots above a certain level are paid by a slot host. If you hit a big jackpot, don’t play the machine again and don’t wander away. Stay right there until a host arrives and verifies your win. Have your LD. ready because the host will ask to see it. If you look young be prepared for scrutiny. Underage and unidentified gamblers will not be paid. Period.

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