British Government Regulates Online Casino Gambling

Online casino gambling is very popular in Britain. So much so that the world’s first casino college has opened in Britain, teaching all the right strategies to win big in the online casino world.

The British acceptance of online casino gambling can be felt everywhere, from television screens where you can find many favorite online casino games, to the government which is embracing the online casino industry, allowing casino content to run wild, and standing firmly behind the upcoming online casino expansion.

Britain is on its way to becoming the first country in the developed world to legalize online casino gambling. Legal online casino websites that allow betting on horses, sports and events are up and running freely for quite some time now and there is hope that it will be taken further. Parliament has enacted sweeping new legislation that will open up the online casino market, to traditional casino table games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette. These games are already online, but they are powered by offshore locations, such as Gibraltar and Costa Rica.

Many online casino companies are sure to stay offshore but the new legislation could help smaller companies looking to build their reputation as they will be permitted to advertise in Britain. Online casino gambling companies will pay an unknown fee for a gambling license, and they are hoping for it to be affordable enough to go along with. The British government is trying to regulate the industry rather than go against it and try to ban it like some US senators are trying to do.

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